One Proven Way to Better Protect a Home Against Burglars

Just about everyone hopes to stay safe at home, and there are some simple and effective ways to make it easier to achieve that important goal. When it comes to home security, many property owners put in plenty of time researching advanced electronic systems but overlook far more basic and effective options along the way.

Installing security screens on windows that are accessible from the outdoors can be one of the best ways to make a home more secure. Burglars break in through windows more often than by any other means, and a high-quality security screen will almost always stop them in their tracks.

Burglars Exploit the Same Kinds of Weaknesses Again and Again

Of all the unfortunate developments that can occur at home, a break-in and burglary can easily be one of the most frightening and difficult to cope with. Homeowners who have suffered burglaries often report feeling anxious and ill at ease for months or years thereafter even when no significant or long-lasting damage was incurred.

Burglars vary somewhat with regard to their preferred approaches and tools, but one type of illicit access dominates. Far more often than they target doors, burglars try to gain entry through windows that are situated such that criminals can pass through them without attracting attention.

Most windows are simply not designed to resist force or even to be especially difficult to open from outside by less direct means. The latches meant to provide a modicum of security on many windows can even be accessed and manipulated by skilled burglars who are crouching, hidden, on the other side.

As a result, almost any window that is easily reachable from the ground or otherwise accessible can become a target for burglars. With some burglars being perfectly happy to simply smash a window when a suitable opportunity arises, even installing relatively secure locks will not necessarily help.

A Convenient, Cost-Effective Way to Improve the Security of Any Home

Adding security window screens all around a home, on the other hand, can do more to make the work of burglars more difficult than just about any other measure. By being virtually impervious to all the approaches that are often used to breach windows, a well-designed, properly installed screen can force burglars to look elsewhere in just about any situation. While it can still pay to have an electronic security system and supporting accessories installed, it will always be wise to consider this frequently effective and appropriate option as well.

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